about me!

name: on da internet i go by Nhilafae Necrovore!

or nhil/nhilz for short

its my SCENE QUEEN name

Nhilafae is a drow (from dnd) name

Necrovore is a word i made up

dis is a REAL picture of me. this is what i actually really look like

age: 21

kinda living an existential crisis as i move into adulthood

so im p much trying to tap into my inner 13 year old and not worry about being "mature"

lifes short so im gonna do whats fun

and what i love is edgy emo/scene stuff


pronouns: they/them

i have a really weird relationship w gender and stuff

my desires as a trans person clashes with itself and yeah.

genderqueer is really the best way i can describe it


sexuality: bisexual

i used to identify as pan but imo its kinda a redundant

bi already encapsulates attraction to nb people so...

but im not gonna bash other people that identify that way tho

political veiws: anarchist/socialist/progressive

really im just a dirty cultrual marxist cuck

conspiring with my fellow queers to destroy western civilization umu

spirituality: satanism, occult, otherkin

idk ill make a page talking about my spirituality bc its kinda complicated

heres a link to my kin page